AnnieThing is Possible

There seems to be an ongoing joke in my family about a phrase that I take pretty semi-seriously. I’m not sure what sparked the start of me using this phrase, or where I even came up with it, but now its practically my tagline. Its not all that original, and I’m certain I’m not the first person to have said it, but that’s beside the point.


Anything is possible if you try hard and truly believe.

Now, this sounds super cheesy, but its not like that for us. Whenever this phrase bears its grin, its usually regarding something that probably shouldn’t require this level of encouragement.

An example might go something like this ——>

I realize I just said it wasn’t cheesy, so maybe I should have emphasized the eyeroll. I get a lot of eyerolls.

So it wasn’t until about 3 days ago that I realized that Any sounds a lot like Annie and my favorite phrase transformed. Anniething is Possible was born. I think it’ll stick. I had been tossing around the idea of starting this blogging thing over again, and trying to stick to it, mostly at the encouragement of my own mother, so if my mom is the only one who reads this, I won’t be *that* ashamed. My goal with Anniething is Possible is to prove to you that anything really is possible if you try hard and truly believe, but not in the way you’re thinking. I have no intentions of shoving my spontaneous positivity down your throat, or to preach about the importance of believing in yourself. (Although no promises on it never happening). I’m simply going to share with you my Anniethings. From the things in my life that make me laugh or cry, to my failed crafting attempts and my best baking successes- follow along for a glimpse of many anythings.


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