A couple months ago, while I was traveling out of state (in Washington for Hops business), my mom was at a craft show when she stumbled across a teeny tiny kitty who was stuck in a window well all by herself. She wasn’t even close to being old enough to be all alone. We don’t know how she got herself stuck in there, but it was cold and raining and she was very shivery, so my mom scooped her up with no regard to what she was going to do with this kitten and took her home. I get a text not long after saying I had been gifted a new kitten. *Cue the sarcastic yay*


My grandma fostered little Mabel while I was on my trip. My fiance, Frankie, was so thrilled that we were welcoming a new fur-baby into our home. Especially since this thing had some ridiculous googly eyes. It was concerning. Grandma has a newfoundland named Tiny, and for those who are unaware, Newfs NEVER weigh less than 100 lbs. I think they’re born weighing ~120. So in an effort to give little Mabel an authentic experience, Grandma decided Tiny should be a foster daddy. He did great. He cuddled with her, and picked her up in his ginormous mouth when she cried. Though slightly disturbing at first, it turned out to be the CUTEST thing ever. So began Mabel’s journey to becoming a dog.


Fast forward to me returning from my trip. Little Mabel still looks like an alien.. just an alien who aggressively drinks from a bottle. We took her home with us and I really wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with her. My kitten mothering instincts were lacking. I started reading about what you need to do to care for such a small kitten, and one thing stood out to me… butt stimulation. Yup, you read that right. You have to rub their little butts with something warm and wet to mimic mom’s tongue to get them to poop. Me, being the crass person I am, decided for once to let me dog get a taste of what she always desires. Cat butt. Sydney & Simon did their part to lick her butt and what do you know, it worked! She pooped. It wasn’t all smooth sailing from there though. She was a milk junkie.. She’d catch sight of the bottle and you’d lose a finger. It was intense, but we got through it. Sydney & Simon were great foster parents, although they themselves were very confused about her at first.

22906343_1702394626438616_69669864_o.jpg      23030523_1702395429771869_987992629_o-e1509222489408.jpg


Sydney WOULD NOT leave her alone. She lost her mind for a short time. She followed her around like nothing I’ve ever seen. Her appeal wore off after a bit, but at that point, Mabel was completely convinced she was a dog. There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.




So without further ado… INTRODUCING MABEL THE DOG

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