Life Update

When I made the decision to start this blog, I might have been a little out of my mind. I was working part-time at a job that lacked any mental stimulation, while trying to run a farm. I think the idea seemed dreamy- something I could do while I sat around anxiously at my desk, knowing there was SO much to do at home. Well, I failed, but not necessarily out of choice. Life took a big turn for us, because on November 13, 2017, we lost everything. We were served with papers mandating we vacate our farm. It causes me true grief to type those words. We had been provided false hope for an extension on our rent payment just a couple weeks prior. We’d been lied to, but at the end of the day, we had no power, and immediately realized how dire our situation was.

We were given 30 days to liquidate our farm, pack up our lives, and move. We did it, but barely.

We’re now residing in a questionable apartment in Southeast Columbus, struggling to find new purpose. Frankie is currently on the search for employment, seeking a job in the field he feels so passionately about- farming. I was blessed to have started a job with Nationwide Realty Investors on the same day we were served our papers- a saving grace & the very reason I know there’s a God. We’ve been hiking uphill for so long, and thought that the summit was near, but we were wrong, and that’s okay, because God has plans for us. I’m sure of it. Stay tuned.


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