I Can Has Cheezburger?

Why yes, yes you can.

29852501_1861278203883590_553339260_nThis meme popped up in my timeline on Facebook the other day. I think its from around 2008. We’ve come a long… okay, really not so far. It made me laugh either way because I can totally relate to little kitty there. I just want a cheeseburger- is that a problem? Well yes, and no. Of course you can have a cheeseburger, but its important to make sure the nutrients you’re getting from said cheeseburger fit well into your needs for the day. Today’s cheeseburger is for those of us who are skimping out on the beloved carbs in an effort to lose weight, but still need to hit those protein levels. Just to be clear, when I say skimping out on carbs, I just mean I had fruit and sweet potatoes already today, and the bun just really doesn’t fit in the picture.


Photo Courtesy of The Circleville Herald

When we first moved to Columbus, we discovered this little store called Dings ‘n Dents in Plain City run by a Mennonite family. We loved it!! They sold expired, dinged up, and overstock foods at deep discounts. This didn’t scare me- my grandparents fed me these types of foods my whole life! When we moved to Circleville, I nearly wrecked the car one day when we drove past a place called The Discount Grocery Outlet. I was SO thrilled. Turns out the people who started that store helped the others in Columbus get their start. We frequented the store often, going on Thursday’s when the truck came in to see what deals we could get. I don’t get to go as often anymore, but we stopped by this past weekend. They had 90/10 ground beef for $2.39/lb. Tell me where else you can find beef that cheap & I’ll give you a dollar! Anyways, this was all just a really drawn-out way of telling you exactly why I’m making cheeseburgers. Moving on.

Cheeseburger, in its simplest form:
1 lb. 90/10 Ground Beef (you could use turkey, but then you’d be “can has-ing” a turkey burger instead)
¼ C. Bread Crumbs
1 egg
1 C. Sautéed Spinach (because you can’t taste it & its good for you)
Salt & Peppa
½ tsp. Garlic Powder (NOT salt. We already added salt)
½ tsp. Onion Powder

Smoosh all of that together in a bowl. Use your hands, alright? Life is short.

Form into patties. Since you conveniently used 1 lb of beef, we can do the math here and create 4 equal patties, each which are 4 oz. (that’s a serving).

29748649_1862055150472562_680193879_oHeat a skillet on medium heat and plop those patties in there. Let them cook on one side basically as long as you can resist flipping, then flip. Only flip once. Just once.  After you’ve flipped, put the cheese on top of the seared side and let it melt. Temp your burgers to get the perfect cook time. I use a thermometer on every single piece of meat I cook. Google says ground beef should be 160 degrees well done. I always cook my burgers at home well done, especially when my beef comes from a place called “dings n’ dents.” #neverhadecoli #notstartingnow

I like to serve these “can has cheeseburgers” on a lettuce bun with ketchup because I have the palate of a child. Feel free to class it up a bit with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, etc. The more the merrier!

29746874_1862055077139236_1721646966_oI’m sorry, I lied. I do not like serving them on lettuce, but I do it anyways because I have goals.

Macros (for just the burger):
Carbs: 5.4g
Fat: 12.6g
Protein: 25.8 g


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