I think one of the greatest things about succulents is how photogenic they are. It doesn’t matter if they’re shriveled up and nearly dead- there is beauty to be found. This is a photo of a succulent that I had nearly killed a dozen times, no kidding. My husband, Frankie, brought it home for me from the greenhouses at Ohio State and it was beautiful and thriving. 28512735_1829948070349937_1299929453_nThrough too much sunlight, and not enough water, I managed to dry it out time after time. In an effort to save it, I placed it on a slightly-sunny shelf in my dining room, and it stretched, and nearly died. (Side note: Stretching is what happens when succulents don’t get enough light- they stretch for the sun). The cool thing about some succulents is that almost every time a leaf drops, the leaf grows a new plant, and that spot on the plant shoots out a baby as well. Although this succulent had been through the ringer, new life was abundant amongst the shriveled leaves. There are lessons to be learned here people, lessons about resilience.

Did you know that some of the best lessons in life can be learned from nature? I took this photo on November 19, 2017 – exactly 6 days after I found out we were going to lose our farm. My life had been shattered, and I imagine I discovered this little guy while deciding which of my plants would get tossed before the move. I was distraught and lost – a type of lost I’d never experienced before. But there sat this little plant – one who had been neglected and forgotten, literally forcing growth in the midst of destruction. I ended up tossing him out because I never thought I could keep my plants alive in the apartment where we were moving, but I was wrong. In fact, this summer has been my best succulent season yet. What an incredible display of resilience.

When your leaves fall off and you start to shrivel up, shoot new roots, spring new leaves, and survive. Once you get tired of simply surviving, nurture yourself and thrive. 



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