About 10 minutes up the road from where we lived in Circleville, there is an Alpaca Farm. I’ve talked briefly about the alpaca farm before, but never with much detail. Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to say other than:

  1. It’s a farm run by a really kind family who has invited me to stop by anytime I’d like. I’m so blessed!
  2. They have like 200 alpacas
  3. Alpacas are God’s gift to us undeserving humans here on Earth
    • They are smaller & friendlier than llamas, except Kuzco, but only after he went on that transformational journey in Emperor’s New Groove.

That said, I think I’ll just share some pictures from our trips there for you to enjoy. I’m still waiting for my certificate establishing me as a bonafide alpaca freak, but I think its lost in the mail. Don’t believe I’m deserving? Well, you’re wrong, because I have a trash bag full of alpaca wool in my closet that they gave me and I willingly took for a reason I have yet to determine. See? Alpaca freak. All I know is all I know, and what I know is what I’ve said before. Once you go Alpaca, you never go Albacka.

Here ya go:



BeFunky-collage (1).jpg


I got to bottle-feed this baby. 

I think God has called me to be an Alpaca farmer. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. I’m already certain that anniething is possible.

anniething is possible (2)

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