42634475_1407000722736112_1175058208432062464_n.jpgHi everyone! My name is Annie if you hadn’t already guessed that. I’m not really sure how to write one of these “About Me” pages, so I’m gonna wing it. That’s pretty much how I tackle everything else anyways.

My husband, Frankie, and I have been together for 60 billion years… okay, actually just 6, but sometimes it feels like 60 billion. We started dating when I was just 16. After I graduated high school, we moved to Columbus together where I attended The Ohio State University. I majored in Business with a specialization in Real Estate. After graduation, I got my Real Estate License, and now I work as a business analyst with Nationwide Realty Investors. We have 2 pups- Sydney & Simon. My entire life revolves around them, and I can promise this wont be the last time you hear about them. I also 42773837_1913858902034806_6663711780595826688_nhave a cat (who’s been following me around since I was in the 4th grade), and her name is Missy.

When I’m not dealing with any of those things, you might find me trying to buy moreplants, starting craft projects I’ll never finish, or watching Netflix, because let’s be honest, I love netflix. I have a serious obsession with farm animals, and love making good food. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot else to say. If there’s something you want to know, just ask! Don’t forget to read my AnnieThingIsPossible post found under the “Other” tab explaining the meaning behind anniethingispossible.